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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Giving. [ Psalm 116 v12]

When I worked,we had drug rep's come in to inform us about some new drugs,but they would also provide us with a free lunch,plus free pens,and other goodies.The lunch and the goodies were the main attraction for many of us,let us face it we all like something for nothing.Yet we often wonder is there a catch,in the movies of the godfather,the godfather would do a favour
but it wasn't free,there would come a time when that favour would be called
in. Jesus said,give and it shall be given unto you [Luke 6 v 38],and there is nothing wrong with that ,continually in the word of God we are challenge to give, But unfortunately some preachers use this as an emotional blackmail. I believe God will honour our giving,but like our giving God, we should give freely to those in need,even if it is someone who dislikes you.[Luke 6 v34-36].The word of God reminds us that freely we have received,so freely we should give.[ Matthew 10 v8]An Bill Gather song comes to mind,which goes,/we can never out give the Lord/,so if we give, God will bless, and in a coming day we will have a reward. But let us be clear about this,our giving will never save us,for we are not redeemed with corruptible things,as silver and gold........But with the precious blood of Christ.[ 1 Peter 1 v18-19]
                                          A prayer.
Dear God for all you have given us we thank you,you are very, very kind,we acknowledge your goodness,especially that unspeakable gift of your dear son Jesus. Amen.

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