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Sunday, 3 January 2016

The will of God [Romans 12 v1 -2 ]

As we go forward the challenge is the same for us as it was for our Saviour
to do the will of God.[ John 5v30].How do we see the will of God?,it involves what we do know ,it is not a mystery ,we are to be holy.In 1 Peter
1 v16,we read,/But just as he who called you is holy,so be holy in all that
you do,for it is written:Be holy, because I am holy/.Yes in all we do,in all we think,there are to be no dark corners in our lives,our actions,our words and out thoughts.This is our continual aim,for it is the will of God,for every believer,we need not scratch our heads as regards what is the will of God,it
is to be holy. Yet it also involved for our Saviour something He had do, leaving heaven,to die on a cross,in order that we may be saved.He let nothing stand in His way,nor must we,the immensity of what He was called to do was beyond anything we can imagine,but in words by John Stott,He
accepted it,not in feeble resignation,but with a glorious positive prayer.
when He prayed to His Father,/Your will be done/.[ Matthew 26 v42]On an individual level the will of God, can involve suffering,unexpected things, God given tasks that are difficult,being sacrificial,and so on.What is the will
of God, for you and me ,today?,are we going to reject it?,or are we going to embrace it,with a glorious positive prayer ?.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God and Father help to walk in your will today,help us to embrace
your will,no matter what suit of clothes it comes in,in Jesus name Amen.

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