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Monday, 4 January 2016

It will be worth it. [ Matthew 25 v 34 ]

I wrote the following down recently,I do not remember who said it,,/I never said it would be easy,but I said it would be worth it/.Christ never pulled the wool over anybodies eyes,people who came to him stating that they wanted to follow him, where told ,that there was a cost. He himself in doing His Fathers will  paid a heavy price,after all just coming into this planet as a child meant, becoming poor,and it meant living always in the shadow of the cross.No it was not easy for him ,but he knew the importance of what he was doing,and he knew that it would be worth it[Hebrews 12v2]Every great sportsperson knows that there is a cost of involved in greatness,anyone who wants to accomplish whatever in life knows that there is a cost.Any successful marriage is accomplish at a cost,bringing up a child involves a
cost.Life by its very nature can be  difficult,so why should we think that being a follower of Christ will be any different.I continually read of dear Christians who are in prison,who have had their loved ones murdered,who have lost all earthly possessions.What does 2016 hold for us,who profess to
be followers of that man of Calvary,there are no guarantees,that it will be easy,but let me say this from the bottom of my heart,it will be worth it.
                        He who would valiant be,gainst all disaster,
                        Let him in constancy,follow the master.
                       There's no discouragement, shall make him once relent,
                       His first avowed intent ,to be a Pilgrim.
                        Who so beset him round,with dismal stories,
                        Do but themselves confound,his strength the more is.
                        No foes shall stay his might,though he with giants fight.
                        He will make good his right,to be a pilgrim.

                        Since Lord,thou dost defend us with thy Spirit.
                        We know we at the end shall life inherit.
                        Let fancies flee away,I'll fear not what men say.
                       I'll labour night and day,to be a pilgrim.
                [Written by John Bunyan,who suffered imprisonment for
                  preaching the gospel]


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