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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Take my hand, [ John 10 v28-29 ]

A little boy was with his father walking home,it was getting dark,and he was feeling a bit anxious.His father could sense how he was feeling,so he said, take my hand,and the moment he did that, he felt calm,and secure.There is an old song which goes,/Take my hand precious Lord lead on ,let me stand,I am tired ,I am weak,I am worn.Through the night ,through the day,lead me on, this I pray,precious Lord, take my hand lead me on./ So often we are like that little boy,anxious ,insecure,like the words of that song
we feel tired,weak and worn. Like that father ,but even more so, our loving heavenly Father knows fully how we feel,and so he speaks to us words of comfort,and says to us,as it where, take my hand,remember the words I spoke of old,that no one can pluck you,my dear child, out of my  hand[John
10 v28-29 ].Your hand is in mine,but it is my hand that is strong,it is my hand that protects,it is my hand that provides.My hand will never let you go,
though all the forces of hell come against you,they will not prevail.I know
how you feel ,your fears,your weakness's,your limitations ,none of these things are hidden from me,they are hidden from others,but not from me,I
see and know all things,none of these things,will cause me to love you less.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear loving heavenly Father,take my hand lead on,let me stand,in Jesus name I ask this Amen.

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