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Friday, 8 January 2016

He makes all the difference. [ 2 Corinthians 5 v17 ]

There used to be a TV program called ,/All our yesterdays/,it reminds me that many people love nostalgia related to the past.The Irish are full of it,one of my favourite  movies is the Quiet man,it is enjoyable,but in many ways false.The fact of the matter millions upon millions of Irish, north and south had to leave Ireland, because of the terrible poverty.So when I look back on my country history I do not look at it through rose tinted glasses.Of
course  ,I remember the terrible violence,which even now can erupt.But as I look on my life when I lived there,there is much I am grateful for,it is there I heard the gospel,from my childhood,and I am thankful that God in His sovereignty ,choose  the place of my birth.I am grateful that as child I
attended an evangelical church,where they had godly Sunday school teachers, and children's workers . Also as I grew up I heard many dear godly men preach Gods word,and God used their ministry to touch my heart.The past history of my country is far from perfect,likewise my own personal history,but God in His great mercy saved me,when Jesus became my Saviour,and its that reality that has made all the difference,in my life.
                              A  prayer.
Dear God thank you ,that when we come to know Jesus as our Saviour then in spite of our past,that makes all the difference,thank you ,in Jesus name Amen.

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