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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Do not despai. [ Jude v24-25 ]

I attended a funeral recently of a dear Christian,she was loved greatly by many,the minister who took the funeral service,give a short account of her life.As I listened to what was being said about this dear sister,I must confess
I felt such a feeling of inadequacy as to my own life,I did feel a bit overwhelmed.I read something by Dick Lucus,/No Christian can ever claim to have arrived as a model believer,indeed one of the hallmarks of Christian maturity is a growing dissatisfaction with our level of godliness.That should
not produce despair but make us aim to possess a grater degree of godliness,
such  as,faith,knowledge[as regards Christ and what pleases Him],self control,perseverance,godliness,brotherly kindness,and love.[2 Peter 1 v6-7]/
Yes it is very obvious to me that I am not the man I should be,but by Gods
grace,I will attempt to pursue the goal,of being more Christ like.
                                           A  prayer.
                          More purity give me,more strength to overcome;
                          More freedom from earth-stains,more longings for home;
                          More fit for the kingdom,more used would I be;
                          More blessed and holy,more Saviour, like Thee.
                                  [Words by Philip Bliss ]

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