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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Guidance assured. [ Psalm 48 v14]

The Christmas story involves different things,when I think of the wise men,
I am reminded of a God who guides . He may use different things and circumstances,but the important thing in the story of the wise men,that the word of God shone into their lives.[CP Matthew2 v4-6]. When I am seeking Gods will ,I always look for scripture to speak to me,to bring that note of assurance to my heart,as to His will.God used a star,the religious leaders to
guide those wise men and confirmed by His word..It was when God spoke to Abraham did he act,[CP Hebrews 11v8]when I travelled to England to take up my appointment as a minister,God spoke to me ,and said,/Behold, I send my angel before thee,to keep thee in the way,and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.[Exodus 23v20].What a wonderful word of assurance and comfort as we travelled to our destination.As I am retired I have been much in prayer as to what God would have me do,looking for a words of guidance .Surely I should put my feet up,and not be to concerned about doing this and doing that,the word that came to me was,/Son go work today in my vineyard /[Matthew 21v28].The scriptures tells us,/For this God is our God forever,He will be our guide even until death/ [Psalm 48 v14]
                                          A prayer.
Dear God we thank that you are leading  your children ,just as sure as you led the children of Israel in the wilderness,and just as sure as you guided the wise men,we thank you in Jesus name Amen .

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