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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Gifts [ 2 Corinthians 9 v 15/ Romans 6 v23 ]

My wife and I have thankfully finished wrapping up all the Christmas  gifts  ,this was made a bit easier,as we were giving some gift vouchers,and we had bought gift bags,but we still had our share of wrapping up to do.But as I said,thankfully it is all done , I hope the presents that we will give,will be a blessing.Of course Christmas is not the only time we gave and receive gifts,maybe your birthday falls on Christmas day,and you receive double the gifts.Of course we receive gifts other than at Christmas ,I wonder what
you consider to be that gift that give you most pleasure?.For me it was the gift of a car,my first car,the person who gave me it was a widow called Lila,I had not long learnt to drive,but could not afford a car.that car was a great blessing ,to me and my young family,I have owned many cars since, but the gift of that first car will always be remembered as the gift that give me most pleasure.As to Christmas,most of the gifts have been sorted out,but
now for the Christmas cards.As a Christian I try to buy cards relating to the true meaning of Christmas,a lot of shops,even though they profit from the season,sell cards with,reindeer's ,Santa,snow,etc,but not with anything  to do with Christmas.So I was pleased to see on sale ,a card with the following words on it,/Jesus is our Greatest Gift. Thanks be to God/.
                                       A  prayer
Dear God for your many gifts that you give us ,thank you,especially for Jesus your Son Amen.

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