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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ugly. [Matthew 22 v37-40 ]

I read on the internet of a young girl who was voted one of the ugliest girls in her school this was shown on face book. One wonders why would people do such thing,they maybe think they are being funny,but they are not,they are being cruel.Yet it goes further than this ,they are sinning,every time we are unkind,and hurtful,in anyway we are sinning.An unkind word,and unkind look,a failing to help others in need,a putting oneself before others,To succeed at the cost of anothers well being,to trample down others  ,because we can ,to refuse to help someone in need when
we can.When we gossip and spread rumours about others,all these and more are sinful,we are told to love others,yellow black and white,poor, rich,and
whoever,the downtrodden,the refugee,the vunerable,those who are vunerable,the successful,and the failures.Love others as ourselves,to even love our enemies,to bless them that curse us,to do good to them that hate us,
and pray for them which despitefully use us,and persecute us[ Matthew 5 v44].Going back to that young girl,who was called ugly,will she sin by not loving those who have tried to hurt her?,if she doesn't then she is sinning.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God who is love,you who loves us all,inspite of the fact that people
are your enemies,help us to love,help us to love,in Jesus name Amen.

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