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Monday, 7 December 2015

Prayer is. [ Romans 8 v 26-27 ]

I read these words,/Their unspoken prayer/, the spoken word is vital in communicating to each other,but when it comes to God,he understands how we feel.I remember seeing a lady sitting in the park,and I could see that she was upset.In Luke 7v36,we read of a lady who came to Jesus ,she never spoke a  word,yet Jesus knew what her need was,and He met her need. There are times when the pain we feel,cannot be expressed in words,often the bereaved our so often overwhelmed,by grief,that words fail them.But  God their loving heavenly Father can take the meaning,Then there are times when we can only utter a short utterance,as Peter did when he was in danger of drowning,[Matthew 14v30]. A lady had just lost her mother,and when the
minister asked her how she was feeling,she said she was afraid,he asked why?,she replied she was angry with God.He told her to pray,she said she could not tell God she was angry with Him,he said,God already knows that you are angry,so tell Him, well she did and that started a process of healing and salvation.
                       Prayer is the soul's sincere desire
                       Uttered or unexpressed,
                       The motion of a hidden fire,
                        That trembles on the breast.

                       Prayer is the burden of a sigh,
                        The falling of a tear,
                       The upward glancing of an eye,
                         When none but God is near

                       Prayer is the simplest form of speech
                       That infant lips can try;
                        Prayer, the sublimest strains that reach,
                         The majesty on high.
                          [Words by James Montgomery ]

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