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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Good bye. [ Colossians 1 v 27]

It was just recently that I discovered ,that the original meaning for,good bye
is ,God be with you.Of course it has taken on a different meaning,but I must
confess I like the original meaning.It reminded me of the words of the prophet Isaiah ,a word spoken as to the coming Messiah,/Behold a virgin
shall be with child,and shall bring forth a son,and they shall call his name Emmanuel,which being interpreted is ,God with us,/[Isaiah7v14/Matthew 1 v23] In other words ,that little child in the manger was none other than God manifest in the flesh,truly God and truly man.This truth should take our breath away,it is absolutely mind blowing,something beyond our comprehension,I cannot explain the fullness of this,no one can. That is why
many people reject this truth,but not understanding something ,is no reason
to reject it.Why did God the Father send God the Son into this world?,well because He loves this world,yes love came down at Christmas.His love
caused Him to want to rescue us,from the power,and consequences of our sin.This meant that this child would have to die,and bear the punishment
for our sins,our part for this to happen,is to believe in Him,and then God
would be in us and with us.
                                        Good bye,

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