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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Earthly power verus spiritual power. [Daniel 2v44/ John 18v 36]

I wrote the following recently, /earthly power versus spiritual power/,so many only see the earthly power, Earthly power takes many forms, political,
financial,sexual abuse,military,possible you can think of other aspects,of
earthly power.Because we live in a fallen world,earthly power can be cruel,
 corrupt,and oppressive.The New testament was written when a mighty power ruled,Rome,an empire that lasted for about 500years.In Palestine the
people were ruled also by their religion ,we see this in so many place now,
and it is not a happy situation for many people.The religious power,looked
with anticipation for a Messiah who would,break the yoke of their slavery,
take from them the burden of their oppressors. And so a child was born, born in obscurity,the long awaited Messiah had come,but He represented not earthly power but a spiritual kingdom.He was Gods gracious gift ,He loved this sinful world,and his purpose and plan would be at total odds with the earthly power,of Rome,and earthly religion.His power would be a spiritual power,that would bring in an eternal kingdom.this Messiah ,would defeat and conquer,death ,the Devil,and sin,these forces no earthly power can conquer,or defeat. To all who accept Him as Saviour they alone would be free, and would be part of a kingdom of unlimited power.of course the name of that Messiah would be Jesus.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God help us to look beyond earthly power,to our Saviour to whom all
power and authority has been given Amen

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