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Monday, 21 December 2015

Blessed unity [ Psalm 133 ]

I like the church I attend,they appear to be caring,and friendly,and are trying their best to influence their community,Now of course it is not a perfect church,I have my concerns,but I do thank God for his people,and pray for
many of them each day,and for the church in general.I would say it is the church that I have been most happy in,my sincere prayer is that I may not be a hindrance but a help to this church.It is a church in the past that has known conflict and division,but thankfully that has passed.The local church should be a place of refuge,not of conflict,a place of love,not hate ,a place of healing,not a place of wounding.In Psalm 133 we are told the blessing that are a result of unity,there the Lord commands the blessing.W Plummer,
writes, /Study to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ, who was meek and lowly,
who did not strive nor cry,nor lift up his voice in the streets,and never opened his blessed lips but in love/. Remember the words of our Saviour
that we should love one another,and that love will be an witness to the world [ John 13 v14],and as John the beloved disciple wrote that love is a very clear evidence that we are Gods children,if it is missing then we are deceiving ourselves,as to our relationship with God who is love.[CP 1 John 4]
                               Where unity is found,
                                The sweet anointing grace,
                                Extends to all around,
                                And consecrates the place.
                                To every waiting soul it comes,
                                 The grace on one descends on all.
                                  [Words by Charles Wesley ]

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