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Friday, 25 December 2015

Hope. [ 1 Timothy 1 v1]

When Germany invaded Poland,Britain and France declared war on Germany,this created hope,many Poles breathed a sigh of relief. Yet there hopes were soon dashed to the ground these two nations did not do anything.The result was, poor Poland,was conquered and so began a period of terrible suffering for the Polish people.For the Jewish population it was a death sentence,but the whole population suffered,under the Nazi's and under Communism.The hope they had when Britain and France declared war on Germany,had been a false hope.The message of Christmas is one of
hope,because it comes from God,all who place their trust in Christ will not be disappointed.Mankind's condition is terminal,we are all sinners and the wages of sin is death.When we trust in Christ we come from a place of no hope to a place of hope.The coming of Christ means lives can be changed,
sins forgiven,and deliverance from its power.Yes death will continue to happen, but it has not the final say,no,when Christ died he rose again,He defeated death,so that all who trust in Him,would likewise be resurrected.
                                 O little town of Bethlehem,
                                 How still we see thee lie,
                                 Above your deep and dreamless sleep
                                 the silent stars go by;
                                 yet in your dark streets shining
                                  is everlasting Light
                                 the hopes and fears of all the years
                                 are met in you tonight.

                                  How silently,how silently,
                                  the wondrous gift is given
                                 So God imparts to human hearts,
                                  the blessings of His heaven.
                                  No ear may hear His coming;
                                  But in this world of sin,
                                  where meek souls will receive Him,still
                                   the dear Christ enters in.
                                    [Words by Philips Brooks]

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