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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Confession time. [Psalm 51]

                       Jesus take as I am,I can come no other way
                       Take me deeper into You,make my flesh life melt away.
                        Make me like a precious stone,crystal clear, and finely honed
                       Life of Jesus shining through,giving glory back to You.
                           [Words by Bryant]
I want us to consider the words of this song,it is a song of confession,a song of desire, it is a song of surrender ,and it is a song with an aim. Song of confession,he writes of his flesh life,that carnal side of his nature,where does our flesh life manifest itself?.The apostle Paul,[yes the apostle Paul],
wrote,/For I know that in me[that is in my flesh]dwelleth no good thing.
[Romans 7 v18].Have we not all felt the power of our flesh life?, I have,
everyday it rears its ugly head.I see what no else sees,nor would I want anyone else to see.But I see,and I know God see's,when our parents sinned
they covered themselves with fig leaves,and then they hid,from Him who see's everything[Genesis 3]. No there must no attempt by any of us to try
a cover up,or to think we can hide from Gods holy gaze. So lets not fool ourselves,and let us not fool around,but lets us come,confessing all to Him
who loves His imperfect,and flawed children.
                                       A prayer.
Holy God and Father,we come just as we are,confessing that we have lingered over fleshy thoughts, impure thoughts even in the most sacred times when speaking to You.We do not always think aright,speak aright,do aright.So often we follow afar off,lingering behind,because of our cold hearts,and weak desires,in your great mercy forgive us,through your Son Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen
  [PS. My computer skills are limited,so please make allowances ,for any faults you may see , when I publish my thought for today,I am not awhere how to put things right,every blessing]


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