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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Becoming a child [Philippians 2 v 5-11]

About seven hundred years before Christ Isaiah the prophet,gave a wonderful prophecy,/Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign.
Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son,and shall call his name Immanuel/.Those words were spoken to a unbelieving king called Ahaz,
it is interesting that when our Saviour spoke about those who would enter
the kingdom of heaven,must become as a little child,[Matthew 18v3]Christ was rejected by Herod the king,and by the educated religious leaders.I believe in child evangelism,for it was as a child I trusted Jesus,of course
salvation is not just for children.The words were spoken to His disciples,
who had been discussing who would be the greatest in Gods kingdom,they were thinking of a kingdom where they would rule over mankind,an earthly Kingdom[Acts 1v6]It took a  long time for then  to grasp,that Christs kingdom was not of this world[John 18v36].Not a kingdom with earthly values,but of spiritual values,the disciples did not grasp  what that meant,it was ,A.Lukyn Caffin, who wrote,/a kingdom in which earthly pride,and ambition,find no place/.
                           Make me,O Lord,a child again,
                           So tender,frail,and small,
                           In self possessing nothing,and
                           In thee possessing all.
                          O Savior, make me small once more,
                          That downward I may grow,
                           And in this heart of mine restore,
                           The faith of long ago.
                               [Dutch poem]

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