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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Until then. [ Philippians 3 v 8- 14]

I appear to be dreaming more, the other night I dreamt of someone I knew years,as I woke I thought on my past life,as a young man. The fights I got into,that aggressiveness and sillyness,the lonliness I felt,as I think upon the
past of my childhood,I realize if I had only continued to follow Jesus,I did trust Him as a child,went away,came back,went away.What a fool I was,if only,I had not gone away,life would have been better,and I would have been a better person.Yet God was faithful,and in His mercy I came back,and my life changed,oh yes I have had to battle,with mindsets of the past,still am
battling,and by His grace I will continue to battle.Through many dangers  toils and snares I have already come,tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,and grace will lead me home.I am not a prisoner of my past,I do have many regrets,but I am not the person I once was,I am not the person I should be ,but one day,I will be.So until then my heart will keep on singing,
until then with joy I'll carry on,until the day I see that city,until then I'll carry on.
                                          A  prayer
Dear God thank You for rescuing us from our past,for helping us day by day,and the changes you have made in our lives,and for the grace to carry on,until that day we reach that city,to be with our wonderful Saviour. Amen.

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