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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Venial or mortal. [ Isaiah 53]

Isaiah is the prophet,who under the Spirits power, was granted wonderful visions of the coming Messiah.He lived over 700 years before the Messiah
would come,and yet the visions are so clear,amazingly so,chapter 53,shows clearly the Messiahs death,it is as if he stood at the foot of the cross.Yet he
prophesied not just about the physical suffering,but the significance of his suffering. To appreciate the significance of the sufferings of Christ on that
cross,we must look beyond our human understanding,and focus on a three letter word.sin.Oh I hear you say,not sin again,yes we must not forget the truly awfulness of sin,in relation to a holy God. The consequence of sin is beyond our mind to grasp,the universal reality of sin,it is something that we are all involved in,sin.We are told clearly in Gods word that all have sinned
and come short of the glory of God.[Romans 3 v23 ]The Roman Catholic Church,have two classes of sin,mortal and venial,they see such things such
as those sins that are not so grave,as venial,such sins are seen as comparatively light affairs.Mortal sins are very serious ,like murder,sexual
offences,the so called seven deadly sins.Now lets not judge the poor RC's
are we not all like them,Hitler,Stalin,deserves Gods judgement,but not me
 ,like the RC's we see ourselves,as only committing venial sins,nothing to much to worry about.So I am as good as the next person,yes you possible are, maybe there are more RC's in the world ,than we realise.We think this way, because it comforts us, and because we do not want to face the gravity of our condition in the eyes of a holy God.The fact is in Gods eyes all sin is mortal,for if it is not forgiven,will take us to a lost eternity.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear God although all sin is abhorrent to You,and separates us from you,
and can take us to a lost eternity,you have provided the perfect remedy,
through Jesus death on the cross,as the prophet foretold,He would be
pierced for our rebellion, and crushed for our sin, help us to see our true condition,and save us by your grace , though Jesus your Son .Amen.

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