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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Taste [Psalm 34 v8 ]

Recently I had an infection in my gum,the result was the dentist prescribed
me antibiotics,and they have done the job.You are meant to swallow them,
and not to chew them which I did,but on one occasion I  got the taste of one of the tablets,and it tasted awful,now I understand why you don't chew them
.Taste is one of the wonders  that God granted us,it enables us to have pleasure, in the things we eat.Not everything we like the taste of,will do us good,our government is considering putting a tax on fizzy drinks, because of their sugar content,to much sugar can cause our teeth to rot,this affects
many children.It is said that queen Elizabeth's[ the first] teeth were rotten
because of her sugar intake.We speak of people getting or having a taste for something,often that something may not be good for them. In the Psalm34 v8, we read,/O taste and see that the Lord is good;blessed is the man that
trusteth in Him/.What we are being instructed to do is personally know and trust the Lord,there are countless millions who have looked upon Christmas
cards,depicting Jesus ,who have never trusted Him.A cream cake is only
truly appreciated when we taste it,so it is if we are to appreciate our Lord Jesus we trust Him,and in so doing,we will discover that He is good.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus,we thank you that we have tasted and found that you are good,as to your forgivness,mercy,peace,and love,and our prayer would be
that all would people everywhere would find you Amen.

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