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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The greatest miracle[John 3 v16/ 36 ]

People struggle in accepting the story of Jonah,who was swallowed by a great fish,but that is not the most astounding part of story.It is in chapter 3 v5 we read ,/ So the people of Nineveh believed God/, yes to me those words have greater touch of the miraculous that Jonah's experience in being
rescued by the fish from drowning.The people of Nineveh where facing
possible annihilation, by God,so believing and repenting of their sin saved them.During His earthly ministry,Jesus performed many wonderful miracles
but the greatest of miracles that He ever performed was when He died to save,men and women from the judgement of God .Some professing Christians,are uncomfortable with the doctrine of the wrath of God,and find it hard to accept OT accounts of God judging cities like Jericho,Sodom and
Gomorrah. They find it difficult to understand God who is love doing such things,but the fact is He did.The death of Chist was a death that appeased an angry God,that is what the the word propitiation means[Romans 3v25.
1 John 2v2/4 v10/In other words the wrath that abides upon all humanity,
[John 3 v36 ],was poured out on Christ.That means the moment we trust Jesus as our Saviour,we are no longer facing the wrath of God.The salvation which God offers to all ,is the greatest miracle ever to performed by God.
When we trust Christ we are experiencing a miracle,that moves us from a place of wrath,to a place of forgiveness and safety.
                                              A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You for sending your Son to save us,from wrath to come. Amen.

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