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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Love not the world. [1 John 2v 15-17]

In 1 John 2,the apostle John exhorts the Christians, to not love the world v15,now of course God loves this world [John 3 v16].There it is, redemptive we must love sinners, but not the worlds falseness with all its evil, and its consequences. C. H. Dodd wrote,'' Our author means human society in so far as it is organized in wrong principles, and characterized by base desires false values, and egoism''. John highlights aspects of this fallen world v16 ''The lusts of the flesh'', this takes in the sexual, desires, but involves more,W. Barclay writes,'' food, effeminate in luxury, slaves of pleasure; lustful and lax in morals; selfish in the use of pleasures''. Ruled by these things and much more, spiritual values are ignored or resented.W. Barclay wrote,'' We need not think of  this as the sin of the gross and blatant  and notorious sinner. No respect for the personalities of others...anyone who lives in luxury while others live in want, anyone who has made a god of his own comfort,and of his own ambition, in any part of life,is the servant of the flesh's desires''.

                                        A prayer.
Dear Lord free us from the lust of the flesh, in all its aspects in Your name we ask this Amen.

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