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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I know His name [ Matthew 1 v 21-23 ]

One of my grandsons was having a conversation with a friend, and his friend said to him,'' I believe in a higher power,'' my grandson replied,'' I believe in a higher power, and I know his name''. Of course his name is Jesus ,consider the following ,

                                    And He will be called
                                    Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty
                                    God, Everlasting Father ,Prince
                                    of Peace.
                                           [Isaiah 9 v 6]

                                    In the beginning was the Word,
                                    and the was with God, and the
                                    Word was God, He was with God
                                    in the beginning.
                                           [John 1 v1]
                                   The Word became flesh and made
                                   his dwelling among us.
                                           [ John 1 v 14 ]

                                   He is the image of the invisible God
                                   ..........For by Him all things were
                                          [Colossians 1v 15-16 ]

                                  Thomas said to Him,'' My Lord
                                  and my God''
                                          [John 20 v28 ]

                                Yes I believe in a higher power, and
                                               I know His name.


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