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Thursday, 6 April 2017

We are all different [ Psalm 133 ]

He is trying to make us become....., well the man who does that is asking for trouble, he was a young Pastor, and he will have to learn the lesson ,that he is there to lead the church, and to leave the driving to driving his car.People
of course need to change ,but I remember years ago how a whole lot of trouble began in a certain group of churches, when a new hymn book was introduced. As a visiting speaker I go along usually with what the church
 does, the main thing I am there to preach the word. It so easy to cause disharmony in churches, the task of every Christian, is to strive for unity. The church of Christ is made up of different points of view, in government, views of eschatology, [the doctrine of last things]. People have a right to different views, as long as it is nothing heretical, within every family there will be differences, we should seek to be tolerant. We must make effort ,yes effort ,to strive for unity, to love Gods church.

                                    Live in harmony with one another.
                                                  [Romans 12 v 16 ]

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