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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

If only. [2 Samuel 12 v 13- 23 ]

I was thinking how meaningful the words,'' if only'', are, and how many people think them, and are effected by them. We think about our past, or even our present, and we think,'' if only''. Think about those who committed a crime and are now paying the price. Look at world history, take Hitler, how many people thought of the awful pain that maniac would  cause , If only he had been killed during the first world war, if only, he had never been born, if only people had ,read his book ,''Mein Kampf',and took him serious. The words ,''if  only'', can  be applied to many situations ,''if only '',many are thinking ,if only I  had never not been born. If only, knowing what I know now, I could live my life over again. So many, if only, ']regrets, and so it is ,but the question we ask, what is the purpose, for living in that unhappy valley called,'' if only''. The answer is very simple, better not dwell on the ,'if only' s '  in life, better by far, to leave them in Gods hand. Consider the words of Paul in Philippians 3 v12ff.

                                               A  prayer.
Dear God help us not to dwell in  the past 'if only 's' in Jesus name Amen .

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