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Monday, 17 April 2017

Dont run away. [Psalm 40]

In the movie Lord of the Rings, two of the characters are talking, they are faced with an army of hawks, and one asks the other,'' What does one do when faced with such evil?'', his companion replied,'' You ride out to meet it''. There was great monster of a man called Goliath, everybody was afraid
of  him, well not everyone ,there was young lad called David,he volunteered
to fight that giant, and so out he went and faced him with his little sling and five smooth stones. The fool ,many must have thought, even among his own people, and of course not forgetting the giant,who mocked him. Well what did that young man do? did he run away?, no, he ran towards him, for he
looked beyond this giant, to his great God, When we are faced with fearful whatever ,we can run away and hide, or like David we can by faith face our fears. And cry out ,thanks be to God who gives me the victory through Jesus
Christ my Lord.

                                Blessed is the man,who makes
                                the Lord his trust, who does not
                                 look to the proud , .
                                        [Psalm 40 v 4 ]    

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