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Friday, 7 April 2017

Be careful. [Ecclesiates 10 v 20]

Recently as I was talking to a friend, my phone went, I fumbled  with my phone but did not answer it. Soon after this I spoke to my wife on the phone and she informed me that she could hear me having my conversation with my friend, my phone had not been turned of. I told my friend this and he recalled how a minister had to resign from his church. Before his church service, he went into his  vestry wearing the microphone, and in the vestry
he had a conversation with someone about a couple of people in his church.
What was said was not very nice, but the minister did not realise that the microphone was on and everyone in the church could here what he was saying, which was very serious .Consider the following words  from
Ecclesiastes 10 v20,''Never make light of the king, even in your thoughts.
And don't make fun of the powerful, even  in your own bedroom. For a little
bird might deliver and tell them what you said''.
                                          A prayer.
Dear God help us be careful in all we say, as regards others and as regards You,in Jesus name Amen.

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