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Monday, 3 April 2017

We can make a difference.[ Matthew 10 v 42 ]

I wonder as you look out in the world, at the millions of people who are hungry and homeless, many of them living in refugee camps, you ask yourself what good can you do?, I know, I have. Can our small efforts make a difference?, Well I remember reading about a man walking along a beach, thousands of starfish, were washed up on the beach. A young lad was gathering them up and putting them back in the water. The man cynically
spoke to the boy, he said,' what difference are you making', the little boy looked at him as he slipped a starfish into the sea, and he said,' well it made a difference to that one'. Yes we cant help everybody , but we can help somebody, and that's better than helping nobody.
                                         A  prayer
Dear God help us to do what we can in helping  others, even it is only one person, in Jesus name Amen.
        [I will recommence on 5th April, every blessing]

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