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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Daniel prayed [ Chapter 6]

I purchased a DVD, simply called Daniel, I have not viewed it yet, what a wonderful man he was. A  man in exile away from his beloved Israel. He had three wonderful friends, friends who did not drag him down, like Daniel they were also in exile, they were all bound together by their faith in God. They had to take a stand and that stand put their very lives in danger, Daniels three friends were thrown into a fiery furnace, Daniel was thrown into a lions den. They all survived, it does not always happen like that, but it can, miracles happen now and again Most of the apostles were martyred, our Saviour was murdered, likewise Stephen[  Acts 7].But then we have those who survived, God is sovereign, and our Lord knows what is best. remember He has a plan, for all our lives. Daniel was a man of godly habits, habits he would not surrender to anyone. Prayer was one of the  his key habits, and it got him into difficulties. His enemies sought to stop him from praying, we need to follow his example. How important is prayer  to us?, is  it, our vital daily breath. In Daniel 6,a law was passed forbidding anyone to pray except to the king, if they disobeyed,they would be thrown into the lions den. I wonder what you and I would do in that situation?. How important is prayer, Bible study, attending your local church ?.  It was important to Daniel, he risked his very life, left everything to God, the challenge for all of us is to make the right chooses

                                   Standing by a purpose true,
                                   Heeding God's command,
                                   Honour them, the faithful few,
                                   All hail to Daniel's band

                                   Many mighty men are lost,
                                   Daring not to stand,
                                   Who for God had been a host,
                                   By joining Daniel's band.
                                   Many giants, great and tall,
                                   Stalking through the land,
                                   Headlong to the earth would fall,
                                   If met by Daniel's band.

                                   Hold the gospel banner high,
                                   On to victory grand,
                                   Satan and his host defy,
                                   And shout for Daniels band.

                                   Dare to be a Daniel,
                                   Dare to stand alone,
                                   Dare to have a purpose firm,
                                   Dare to make it known.

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