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Saturday, 29 April 2017

I hate Him. [ Isaiah 53 ]

Jessie James is glamorised ,yet he was thief, and more likely killed a
number of people, yet he became a national folk hero. There have been many movies made about him, and in them he is depicted as a sort of Robin Hood. In the political arena ,people like Hitler and Stalin, were practically
worship, even though they were the cause of millions and millions of people
dying. They did not appear to have any concern as regards the suffering of
people, and yet the had their fan clubs. When Jesus was being tried, He could have been set free, there was a custom, in which a prisoner could be set free. And so Pilate gave the people a choice, Jesus or Barabbas, Barabbas is described as being an insurrectionists and a murderer. Consider Jesus, the miracles he performed, the love he showed, his wonderful teaching. Who did they chose? Barabbas, it is amazing, what did Jesus actually do ,that caused them to make such a choice?. There is a Charlie Brown cartoon ,where a boy is sitting with a friend, Charlie Brown walks by, and the boy says to his friend ,'good old Charlie Brown, 'yes sir'.
But as he moved out of ear shot, he said,' good old Charlie Brown,' how I  hate him.' Why did they choose Barabbas?, instead of Jesus ? because they hated Him. He was their Messiah, He was their Saviour ,yet they hated Him, but here is the most amazing thing He loved them, and He loves you, and wonder of wonders, he even loves me.

                                     A prayer.
Dear Lord we are amazed that you love us ,so much that you died for us
Amen .  

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