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Monday, 10 April 2017

Avoidance. [ John 26 v33-35/ 69-75]

We are encouraged to pray to our Heavenly Father,' lead us not into temptation,' God will help us, this I believe, but we have a responsibility, to avoid those things in which we have a particular weakness. For example if I had a problem with alcohol it would not be a good idea not to work in a pub. A child abuser was challenged as to why he started up a children's home, when we was child abuser, He said he started the home up not to abuse children,but simply , because he enjoyed working with children. It was a very poor excuse,and does not hold water, it would surely have been better for him to avoid children altogether. He knew his weakness, as he had worked with children in different positions, there he had abused children. So why start a home up, one can only assume he was doing it so he could more easily prey on children. Solomon wrote of the dangers of falling into sin, and warned his readers ,yet he himself fell. [1 Kings 11v1-8 ]Knowing ourselves should help us know, it is always best for us to be like Joseph, who fled from Potiphar's wife, she had tempted Joseph to have a sexual relationship.[Genesis 39v6ff]
                                       A  thought.
                               He sinned, and fell, so may I.

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