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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Justified. [ Romans 4 v 3 ]

'The just shall live by faith', so reads the scriptures, we read these word in [Habakkuk 2v4/Romans 1 v17/Galations3 v11/ Hebrews 10 v38.]So they are very important, when Martin Luther, read these word, it transformed his life, and so began the reformation. When the power of Rome was challenged to reform, they refused to bring the church in line with the scriptures. Which they still will not do , ' The just,' who are they?,well they are those who have put their faith in Jesus, to save them. In Romans 5 v1,
we read,'' Therefore ,since we have been justified through faith,we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.'' Now it is important we do not add anything unto those word, like good works,  I stress nothing ,it is
totally by faith in Christ that we are saved. It is not a church that saves us,
it is Christ, in Him alone, if one is not  trusting in Christ alone for salvation, then one is not saved. So what are you trusting in ?.

                                         A  prayer.
Dear Lord we praise you for saving us, that it is not I, but you who save,

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