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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Word of God [ Jeremiah 6 v 16]

Let us continue on as we consider ,a recall to fundamentals, now it is a fact that we tire easily ,as to so many things, we see this in the entertainment world. We also see it in the fashion world, we do not wear bell bottom trousers, change, change, change is the cry. One of my sons has a  knack of
picking lovely clothes, in the charity shops, people just get tired of them even though they cost a lot new.  Israel as seen in the OT, appeared to love  change, not of fashion, but of their religion, it would be interesting to count how many times they did this, it was a regular occurrence. Let us consider one of the most crucial times in their history. just before the 70year captivity in Babylon. God has raised up a prophet , Jeremiah, he spoke Gods word to the people for over 40 arduous years, pleading with the people to turn back to God. Consider the following,'' Stand in the way and see. And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls''. This is their reply,'' We will not walk in it'' It was a cry from God to return to Him, and walk in His ways, but they refused, to them the old paths were obsolete. The church more than ever needs to return to the old paths of their forefathers. Mankind for all its desire for change, fail to see that we do not change, we are still sinners,and the only one who can meet  our need is Jesus the same yesterday ,today and forever. [Hebrews  13 v 8 ]
                                             A prayer.
Dear God ,dark is the hour ,dark is the condition of humanity, help our nation to turn back to the old paths in Jesus name''

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