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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The old Bill. [ 1 Corinthians 15]

Why did Christ die, for me?, well in case I forget ,the old Bill comes to the surface, and that old Bill is not very nice. Yes not very nice, ,yes but its true
.instead of thinking pure thoughts, or loving thoughts, or forgiving thoughts, I do the opposite. It was John Stott who spoke of the two aspects of salvation, [A] Saved from Gods judgement, when Christ become our Saviour, we are saved from wrath to come[1 Thessalonians 1 v10,Acts 16 v31 ],I am saved, from Gods righteous judgement, because Christ on the cross bore Gods wrath for me. Hell is no longer my destination, but Heaven . [B] The next aspect of salvation is being saved from our sinful condition, Stott speak of not yet saved from all those sinful tendencies, which plague us continually. John writes in 1John 1v8,that if we think that we are without sin ,we are deluded ,'' We deceive ourselves-but probably no one else''[ JS]'. Yes we are still in the body of flesh and all that this means, still a citizen of planet earth ,and all that this means. It was 53years ago that I came back to the Lord, I need to remind myself that this has been a work of God, That means I have experienced Gods enabling grace, and His assurance, that He has and will continue to help me, that applies to every child of God. The resurrection is coming, and on that day, the old Bill will cease to exist, all things will be made new.

                                         A  prayer.
Dear  God for the wonder of the resurrection we praise You, help us to press on by your grace, towards that time when all things will be made new, in Jesus name we ask this Amen.


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