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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bad leadership. [ 1Timothy 3 ]

Barry Webb wrote,'' Bad leadership is a perennial problem, and it always leads to scattering and lostness''.This is very true ,I know that it is not always the leaders fault that causes division in churches,but it does happen.
One thing I continually pray for is, that I may not cause division in the church I attend. I am a Christian of long standing ,and I see things that I feel
are not right, it would be so easy to stir things up, what I do is pray about those things. After all it is the church of Christ, it  is not mine, the greatest weapon we have is prayer, so we should pray to the Lord of the church. Many churches are led by ministers who by their lives and ministry ,bring the church into disrepute. The old saying is very true ,the sheep look up and  are not fed, in the church in which I was a minister, there was little rug in the pulpit, with the words ,''preach the word''. That is every leaders responsibility, to preach Gods word, but also seek by Gods grace to show
by their lives  godliness, in 1 Timothy 3v7, we read that a leader in Gods church,must have a good reputation with outsiders. When a Christian leader
 fails in this ,he is failing in his calling, yes the calling to be a leader in the Church of Christ is truly a high calling, may those of us who are called to this high calling, manifest that reality in our lives, by Gods grace.

                                    A prayer
Dear God grant unto your church good leaders, men of godliness of character, and faithfulness, in their ministering your word,in the name
of Jesus who loved and died for His church we ask this Amen.

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