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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Put Him first.[John 21 v15-22]

I don't know if you have ever read the book of  Zechariah,  it is about those Jews who came back from the 70years captivity in Babylon. The city of Jerusalem was in ruins the walls of the city had been demolished ,by the Babylonian army when they conquered the city, they also demolished the temple. When the captives came back the most important task for them was to rebuild the temple. Surely one would think that the rebuilding of the temple could wait, wrong, the temple was there link with God. The important thing in building the temple was to make God the centre ,in other words they would be putting God as first importance. Things in a sense has not changed for us Christians, Putting God at the centre of are lives is vital to our well being. There are a multitude of things that are of importance,but
believe me when I tell you there is none, let me repeat, there is none more
important than God. When we put God of secondary importance ,then
we are in fact excluding Him from our lives. God will not play second fiddle  to anyone or to anything, the challenge for all followers of Christ is at all times , to put Him first.
                                       A  prayer.

                             Jesus be the centre of our lives

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