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Friday, 21 April 2017

Sinless perfection. [Romans 7v 24-25]

In 1 John v 8,we read,' If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.'. A person who says they are sinless, is deluded, and as David Jackson writes,' a self deluded person is the saddest of all'. I once knew a person who believed he was Jesus, no amount of pointing out
this obviously wrong thinking could change what he believed. We all desire
to be free from our sinful nature, but it will only take place after we die.[1
John 3 v 2]in the mean time,we seek to be holy, as God is holy, John writes about purifying one self[1 John 3 v3].Charles Haddon Spurgeon,  a great
minister of God,was faced by a man who claimed to be 'without sin'. He invited the man home for a meal. He listened to what the man had to say, then he picked up a glass of water, and threw it into his face. The man became indignant and expressed very forcefully Spurgeon's lack of courtesy. Spurgeon replied,' Ah, you see, the old man within you is not dead. He had simply fainted and could be revived with a glass of water.

                                           A  prayer.
Dear Lord you alone are holy, I acknowledge that I am but a sinner saved by your grace, but one day, sin will be no more, praise your name Amen.

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