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Monday, 1 May 2017

Lust of the eyes [Genesis 2-3]

We continue looking at 1 John 2 v15ff,we now consider ,the lust of the eyes, the door to the soul. Today men and women will look at another human being and lust after them, it can go further than that. There is no human being who is free from the lust of the eyes, be it the Pope, preachers, no one is free from it .It has a broader meaning that physical, it is as one
writer puts it, a tendency to be captivated by outward show. It all began in
the garden of Eden when Eve disobeyed God, she looked at the thing,that
 forbidden fruit, and so the pattern was set. King Ahab[1 Kings 21]looked at a vineyard which was another's, he coveted it, and went on to possess it , after his wife had the owner put to death. Let us be honest, we have
all lusted after something, most people only see the big car,big salary, big house, eyes only on the things they see. The non-Christian cannot see beyond the temporal, as Christians we must not be lead or controlled by the things we see, but by Gods Spirit.
                                              A prayer.
Dear God as we look at things today ,help us not to run with those evil
schemes of our sinful heart, or the devil's temptation in Jesus name Amen.

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