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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Whe the last bell rings. [ Matthew 25 v31-46 ]

There is a song by Foster and Allen, called,' When the last bell rings', the
words highlight the importance of responding to the many needs in this world. Here is part of this song.

                          Do you see them with, their hands
                          out in the streets,
                          Do you notice they have no shoes
                          on their feet.?
                          Are they crying through their tears?.
                          Do you just close up your ears?
                          It's to late to turn around when the last
                          bell rings.

What do you think the song is telling you?, what is it telling me?, to not ignore the needs of others. We are not saved by good works, but we are accountable ,before God. We of course cannot help everybody, but we can help some, we can show that we care, that we love. James in his epistle ,
challenges empty profession .He writes ,''Faith by itself ,if not accompanied by action is dead.[1v17].......Show me your faith.[v 18].Remember it is to late to turn around when the last bell rings.

                                       A  prayer.

 Dear Lord help us to show the reality of our faith, to not ignore the needy

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