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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Jesus its me again. [ Matthew 11 v 28 ]

A gospel song has the following words,
                                      ''Jesus its me again,
                                       Down on my knees again
                                       Asking you please again
                                       Reach out your hand''
                                       Lately Lord, I almost feel like dying,
                                       Wake up like a child crying
                                        Sometimes Lord, I just can't keep from crying
                                        Jesus its me again.

                                        Time to time I try to find a reason
                                        To talk to you, from time to time before,
                                        But this time. your will is my command
                                        And  I know I just can't take it anymore.

As we read the gospels we note that the spiritual intellectuals missed out in
receiving a blessing, but the desperate and needy did not. The question is what category do we fall into?.

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