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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Love and hate.[ 1 Corinthians 13 ]

In 2 Samuel 13 we read of Amnon a son of David who fell in love with his half sister. He ran with his desire, like him we will all have hidden  wrong desires, especially within the sexual realm, we can run with them,and
suffer the consequences, or we can by Gods grace resist them, we always have a choice. Well Amnon made the wrong choice, he lured his half sister
into his bedroom ,a friend had given him that advice, instead of seeing it as wrong ,he followed it. I knew a person who confided to a friend about the difficulties in his marriage, his friend advised him to get a mistress, he did
not follow that advice, and stayed faithful to his wife. When Amnon's
half sister, Tamar came into his bedroom he raped her. then things changed
we read that the love he had turned to hate, and he had her thrown out of his home. From one extreme to another, so many marriages these days turn
from love to hate, and divorce takes place, and they fight over the spoils,
and the children. Christians are not exempt from this, if only they were.
Let us pray for those effected by divorce, and for people who are trying to
keep their marriages together.

                                           A prayer.
Dear  God have mercy upon those who are having difficulties in their marriage, you know how love can turn to hate ,grant that this may not happen, for hate is a painful and destructive companion, in Jesus we ask this Amen.

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