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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Disposable. [ John 3 v16 ]

About a year ago we purchase a kettle, I choose it, I like it, one of the things I liked about it was, one could see clearly the level one filled it up to, I also liked the design, It has a flip lid, and that's were the trouble began, I managed to put it together, but then it came  away altogether, and I cannot fix it. What can I do?, depose it, and replace it with a new one, yes we live in, the disposable generation. That is the way it is, things are disposed off, but it seems that for the religious fanatics ,human beings are disposable,and
likewise for many other groups, dictators ,war mongers, the uncaring, and self obsessed. We all remember what a certain lady said about the poor let them eat cake, let us remember that this is not Gods way, He sees no one as a thing that should be disposed of, like my kettle. Every human being is loved by God, let me repeat this every human being is loved by God. His
heart towards humanity, is to bless them, as regards going to heaven, well we read that He wants all men to be saved,[1 Timothy 2 v4 ]And He has provided the perfect answer, Jesus ,the choice is yours, you are not a disposable kettle, you are dear , and precious to a loving God, who has done everything to enable you to be saved.

                                                 A prayer.

Dear God we thank you that you love humanity so much that you gave Jesus to die that all can be saved,Amen.

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