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Thursday, 11 May 2017

I will not apologise [ Proverbs 16 v 18-19]

She will not apologise, even though it may have consequences, sometimes it is better to acknowledge one may have been wrong, unintentionally, there is place for a humble spirit. So the lady is not for turning ,but is she right? one will have to leave that in the hands of God. Humility is a wonderful quality,
for many it is sign of weakness, consider Christ, He stepped down, from heaven to earth, most of us want to go in the opposite direction. Christ became a servant from being equal with God. Oh yes He was still equal but the role he choose, to lay aside all the glory of Heaven. He understood what that would mean, but He never faltered, going through an earthly existence,
that led to a death on a cross. Yes He humbled Himself, and now He is exalted in Heaven once more, the scriptures tells us,' Humble yourselves
before the Lord, and He will lift you up[James 4 v10].There is a tendency
in all of us ,to seek to get what we want by anyway we can. The humble in spirit will be blessed by God, and all that this means.From heaven, to earth, to the cross, to death, to resurrection ,to exaltation, such are the fruits and rewards of humility. It still applies to those who tread the pathway of humility, and just sometimes that means saying one is sorry.

                                           A  prayer.
Dear God forgive us  the sin of pride, help us to walk the path of humility
in Jesus name Amen.

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