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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Why did they do it ?.. [Romans 3 v 9-23 ]

William Barclay, tells how a young girl went with her mother to church on
Good Friday. The long story of the crucifixion was read and beautifully read. She heard of Pilate's bullying cross-examination; she saw the crown of thorns, the buffeting of the soldiers; she heard of Jesus being delivered to be crucified, and then there came the words with their terrible finality,'' and there they crucified Him.'' No one in the church seemed to care; but suddenly the little girls face was buried in her mother's coat, and she was
sobbing her heart out, and her little voice rang through the silent church,'' Why did they do it? Why did they do it?''. So often we attend the communion service, and to our shame we just go through the motions. It is
sad that we all the habit of familiarity, it may not breed contempt, but it can deaden us ,As to why did they do it?, why did they actually kill their Messiah. Recently a person died, a prisoner, he and another had killed a number of young people. A person asked me why, I sought to tell him, that it reveals the awful condition of the human heart, which neither civilisation,
or religion cannot change. Make no mistake about our fallen sinful nature,
unrestrained, it can do the most awful things,even  to the extent of putting Jesus on a cross.

                                       A cross.
Dear God, like that little girl who cried out ,why did they do it?, we may be asking the same question, we ask this because we fail to take serious ,that we are sinners and we are capable of so much evil, Open our eyes to see our true state,and to why Jesus truly died, for us sinners .Amen.

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