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Monday, 29 May 2017

The challenge. [ Matthew 28 v16-20]

Donald  English wrote,'' The idea that if the church got her act right, society
would embrace her, may be  illusory. Persecution and opposition might be  
more likely and  we must be ready for that'' Consider that the Lord went about good, the crowds flocked to  him, but in the end they crucified Him. Yet I know that a godly life can speak volumes, so there must be balance in our lives, a faith that manifests the reality of Christ, in good works, for faith without works is dead, the scripture tells us we are to show our faith[James 2 v18]Yes a godly life will speak, many years ago a band of soldiers broke into an abbey, and demanded of those in charge, their jewels, they were taken and shown a room full of sick and poor people ,the soldiers were told these are, our jewels. I always feel that I must stress that our good works do not save us, they are the evidence, of our salvation.[Ephesians 2 v8-9]All this I mention is part of the whole, but if I was to stop there, what I have written, if I left it there, it would be like an unfinished jig-saw. We must
be prepared to speak about Christ, for it is by hearing the word of God. people come to faith we must speak the word.
                                      A prayer.
Dear God help by our lives to show Christ, and help us by our words to proclaim Christ Amen.

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