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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Spluttering prayer. [ Romans 8 v 27-28]

Our prayers do not always flow, sometimes they splutter along, our minds
finds it hard to focus, but we do not give up. Prayer is not a performance, it
is a  weak human being communicating with almighty God.  He is perfect, we are not, so do not be discouraged when praying is not easy, He may be perfect, but He rejoices over our feeblest cry unto Him. Our words may be limited, our mind inclined to wander, but it makes no difference to Him.
I have a friend whose grandchild is autistic, his speech is not great, but she listens to him and loves him. Every parent rejoices when their child begins
to speak, to hear those first words, is never criticised, We can learn from others about prayer but God will teach us, we are not to compare ourselves with others, for prayer is not a comparison web site. Prayer is not about how we feel, it is pressing on regardless of feelings, it is an act of faith. Prayer is on the whole is personal, even when we pray in public. Prayer will make a difference to us, and others, we may not see how effective our prayers are.
I am convinced that prayer will make a difference, to our world, to our country,to our neighbourhood, to our friends and families, and to ourselves, so pray

                                               A  prayer.
Dear God help us to pray, help us not to give up praying, and like the disciples of old we ask that you will teach us how to pray, in Jesus name,

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