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Sunday, 7 May 2017

A strong faith [Hebrews 11]

I was listening to a song ,dealing with a mans love for a lady, and he sang how it was Gods plan. I believe He has a plan for my life, looking back, many times I could not understand the details. The fact is ,there is so much I don't understand, and possible never will , this side of glory. The Bible tells that as a Christian we walk by faith, we live by faith, now we read in Hebrews 11v 1,' 'Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen'' ,I was not there at that moment when the world was creation, I have never seen Jesus, I have never seen heaven. Yet because God's word tell us clearly, of these things,we believe, Abraham left everything in response to Gods call, not knowing were he was going.but as has been said, he  knew who was with Him, God. I read an interesting article in a national news paper, the writer declares,''Why I envy those with strong faith'', what is stopping him, well he ends the article ,by saying how his rational mind ,was the barrier.The question one may ask is faith in God irrational?, why should it be thought so, are the Jewish nation with all its history, just a myth. I wonder why Hitler wanted rid of the Jews, and why do people, still hate the Jews?. Is the Christian faith borne out of lies, was Christ a deluded person?, are we all deluded?. Of course not, this world is full of people who are deluded , the Christian is a person who has by faith reached out to God, who has reached out to him/her, in the person of Jesus. This encounter with Him has changed their lives completely ,forgiveness, and the gift of eternal life followed

                                      A prayer.
Dear God when by faith I came to you, I discovered that faith is the key to
knowing you, and have discovered that faith is beyond our so called  rational mind, in Jesus name Amen.

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