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Friday, 12 May 2017

The pride of life. [Daniel 4 ]

Yesterday we emphasised the importance of humility, next let us consider pride. Now pride is manifest in many ways, obvious ways, and how it affects lives. There is racial pride ,Hitler latched unto that, he adopted a term for a true German, Aryan, and twisted its meaning. applied it to mean a
superior race, many believed his lie, and despised those who were not Aryan. The Jews and others suffered so much on Hitler's perverted beliefs.
Those nations who conquered and ruled nations, often manifested pride and despised those they conquered. In 1John2v 16,we have the term ,''the pride of life'', it is an interesting term, and it effects all of mankind. It is a term that can be described in the following ways, Dodd calls it ,'conceited
pretentious humbug'', Barclay ,''an arrogance or vainglory relating to one's
external circumstances, whither wealth or rank or glorying in show''. If you buy  certain magazines, you will see the rich and famous, in their beautiful homes, dressed in their beautiful clothes, with their beautiful, .you get the picture, that's the pride of life. Yet this applies to most of us, we all take pride in our achievements,our possessions, health, I suppose that's why we do not like the term sinner, for it reminds us and challenges us, as to the proud creatures we are.

                                The things that I love
                                and hold dear to my heart,
                                Are just borrowed
                                 they're not mine at all;
                                Jesus only let me have them,
                                to brighten my life,
                                 So remind me, remind me
                                          dear Lord.
                                  [Words by Dottie Rambo]


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