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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Unworthy [ Matthew 7 v 7-12]

I was talking to one of my sons, he is a Christian, he said there was a time his feelings of unworthiness effected his prayer life, that he could not bring things to God because he felt unworthy. Many people feel because they are unworthy, Christianity is not for them, not realising the simple truth that everyone is born unworthy, But that God loves us all, and because of Jesus we can be accepted by a holy God when we accept Jesus as our Saviour. Even though this is true some Christians still feel that their unworthiness is a hindrance ,a reason why God will not answer our prayers ,or that we cannot partake of the Lords table. The fact is when we know Christ as our Saviour God becomes our Father, who loves His children, imperfect though we are.all are welcome . None of my children are perfect, but I love them all and will help them if they ask me, How much more will our loving heavenly Father respond to His children when they call upon Him.

                             Ask and it be given to you,
                             Seek and you will find,
                             Knock and the door will be opened to.
                             For everyone who asks receives;
                             He who seeks finds,
                             and to him who knocks,
                             the door will be opened
                              [Matthew 7 v 7-8 ]


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