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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Godly patience. [ Habakkuk 2 v1- 3 ]

As I was out walking, I noticed that the traffic was heavy, and then I heard some impatient person ,pump their horn.  It is Donald English, who writes,
''Spare a thought for the prophets who obediently spoke out but never saw the fulfilment of what they prophesied. Patience in Christians is part of our
response to the sovereignty of God. Only He knows the time, place and circumstance for things to happen in our lives.Often because we know some of the context we think we know it all. How often the moment must have seemed right to the prophet. But God knows better, the best answer to some of our prayers is 'wait', and sometimes 'no', not because God does not love us, but the time and circumstance are not just right. In a 'go-getting' instant
culture we do well to cultivate the Christian quality of patience,over against
the constant pressure for success, results and fulfilment.''

                                         A  prayer.
Dear God forgave us for being impatient, help us to believe that what you say, will come to pass , in Jesus name Amen.

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