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Sunday, 21 May 2017

The historical Christ [ John 20 v 1- 31 ]

Donald English writes as regards the Christ event,''Gospel ,as a world -changing event points to the essential historicity of the Christian good news.....Like the mountains or the landscape, the Jesus events are part of our
historical terrain. We can look back and know that it is there. You may ignore or abuse historical evidence : you cannot erase.'' Yes Christ was an actual person, yet what made those who followed Him go and die for Him?
The fact is, they did, only John lived into an ripe old age, the others died
violent deaths, one was skinned alive and then was beheaded. Why did they die for Him? would you be prepared to die a horrible death for someone
who was a fraud ?,of course not. Those who followed Him knew Jesus
personally, they witnessed the wonderful miracles He performed, they saw Him die, likewise   many others  saw Him after the resurrection, CP .1
Corinthians 15 v 1-11.Where all these people lying?, no, nor was Jesus, He
fulfilled the prophecies made about Him, CP.  Isaiah 7 v14/ 9 v6-7/ 53./
Psalm 22.All this Jesus fulfilled and much more, All these things convinced
the apostles to believe on Him as their Saviour, they believed in it so much
they were  prepared to suffer,and  to die for .Why do so many not believe
in Him, do you  believe in Him?.

                                           A   Prayer.
Dear God thank you for Jesus who was born of a virgin, who lived a Holy
 Life. who died and rose again, Amen.

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